A teacher of mine said something this past April that keeps replaying in my thoughts; “moving into your souls great work is one of the most difficult things we can do in a lifetime.”  I’ve known for years now, 9 to be exact, what my soul came here to do.  How to go about it… that’s the part I’m still unsure of.  This blog is an action step, one I hope- scratch that- know will snowball into something meaningful and fulfilling.  It feels a bit like I’ve been waiting in line for the Superloop at the Benton County Fair and it’s now my turn.  I’m excited but also have a knot in my stomach.  2 parts excitement, 1 part fear, 1 part trust, and 1 part self-doubt = a Superloop tummy ache.  And after 9 years of exploring, learning, and expanding on who I am and what I want out of this life experience, everything in me says it’s time.  Time to write. 

Life is a journey, not the destination…true that.  And I’ve been at the fairgrounds all day.  I’ve been to the parade-  heck I was in the parade.  I’ve been on the Spider and the Gravatron rides.  I’ve pet many sweet animals (horrible pun but true) and I treated myself to a funnel cake.  Lots of enjoyment!  But your souls great work…your purpose…what propelled the journey or the theme of this journey might be a better way to put it- that’s the big ride.  We’re all craving a purpose, something meaningful and I know what it feels like to have no clue what the theme of my life really was- to feel lost without directions.  It’s numbing.  How to find your theme or purpose?  That will be a major topic in my future work- looking back that part wasn’t difficult once I allowed myself to be helped in many ways.  I know who I am, and what I’m passionate about.  How can I not climb the steps and strap myself in for the ride of my life, the ride I came here for?  This is my Superloop and part of my souls great work is to inspire others to get in line; to hand their ticket over and let’s ride. 

Artist.  Writer.  Teacher.  Healer.  Intuitive.  Coach.  Mentor.  Leader. 

All very powerful descriptors that I never would have used to describe myself 9 years ago.  Today, even if they feel like a stretch at times, this is who I am.  Every experience has led me to this place.  I will be a student everyday, I’m built for continuous improvement, that won’t change.  What’s tomorrow for anyway?  My answer:  to improve on today.  It doesn’t have to be a daunting, massive improvement.  It can be something simple like improve on my appreciation for being here.  To improve on how many times I look people in the eye and smile, or improve on my commitment (my best attempt to commit…student!) to exercise, meditation, and nutrition.  There is always room to improve!  I take comfort in knowing that because the underlying emotion in continuous improvement is hope.  The concept can be exhausting because it’s never ending- there is no finish line.  How do we set goals and accomplish them like we’ve been so diligently taught to do?  But this is life we’re talking about- there is no finish line…. only milestones!   (And if you see death as your finish line…  hang with me…we’ll get to that!)

One lesson I have learned and love to see prove itself true over and over again:  Be CLEAR about what I want and allow it to happen.  Don’t focus so much on the details- relax on the how, where, when, and who.  What do I want from this?  State it with as much clarity as I can put into words:

  • I want to be honest and real even if it makes me feel vulnerable. 
  • I want to be all of those bold words my heart came here to be. 
  • I want to stay connected to God, to source , so I can FEEL my way thru this. 
  • I want to be brave and move forward even when I’m scared. 
  • I want to speak my truth without seeking approval or agreement.
  • I want to support myself financially thru my souls great work. 
  • I want to be shocked at the amount of help and resources available to accept it all with gratitude. 
  • I want all of my encounters with new people to be loving. 
  • I want to appreciate the mystery of my life unfolding and trust the timing is always perfect. 
  • I want to love and be patient with myself every step of the way. 
  • I want it to feel easy.
  • And last but not least ( I want this to be at the top of my list not the bottom but it shows where I have room for improvement… ) I want to have fun and smile more than ever before.    

My goal is to post once a week on Sunday.  Whatever I feel compelled to write about with no judgement for grammer and spelling errors and will instead look forward to someday having an editor…

All my love, HD