Love and Light!  This salutation has become as common as Sincerely Yours in this day and age.   Used primarily by spiritual enthusiasts, to bestow best wishes.  And what can be as important as love or light to wish upon someone?  Love being the emotion that connects all life and light representing the energy that creates life; God’s light, source energy, God’s love.   Well… as farfetched as it may seem, my best wishes to bestow on those I care for and want to connect with:  Love, Light, and Lipgloss.

There is a magic to being balanced- internal and external beauty.  Elizabeth Gilbert searches for her balance in Eat, Pray, Love.  (A great salutation if she doesn’t use it already.)  Her external focus was on relationships- men- not so much her looks but anything outside of us would be considered an external focus.  So why is there judgment for self improvements thru makeup, lifting weights, supplements, facial procedures like Botox and skin resurfacing, all the way to plastic surgery?   

There is a flavor of vanity applied to all of those words.  It’s like a warning – rightfully so- against becoming too externally focused.  But none of us know what balance looks like for someone else.  What if we shifted our perception to see these as tools to accentuate our physical beauty because it is just as important, not more but not less, than our internal beauty?  Judgment for the expensive car someone drives, the 3 story house, the private schools… all someone’s attempt to feel good and beautify their external environment.    

We came here in physical form to appreciate and engross ourselves in all things of beauty in the physical realm.  Brad Pitt’s famous line from the movie Troy is a great summary of this: “The Gods envy us. They envy us because we’re mortal, because any moment might be our last. Everything is more beautiful because we’re doomed. You will never be lovelier than you are now. We will never be here again.”  Dramatic!  But it is with that level of passion we can choose to see the beauty in everything around us, including ourselves.  If our beauty quotient isn’t high enough, we can certainly change it!  We all want to feel congruent.  Throughout time every culture and every religion has celebrated physical beauty and internal beauty.  Finding the right balance has always been the key.

What is the moral of this story?  It is really all about what is important to you!  And allowing our fellow human friends who came down here to kick around with us on earth the same freedom.  What’s your salutation?  What is your well wish for people?  Do you wish them much love?  Do you wish them hugs and kisses with x’s and o’s?  Are you sincerely theirs when they need a friend?  My well wish for you:  Love, Light, and Lipgloss.  Love, being a heart wide open to give and receive.  Light, being connection to God so your day is guided for your highest good and happiness.  And lipgloss…so you appreciate the beauty of every part of your life and adorn your worthy, divine self with anything that makes you feel beautiful.  

Love, Light, and Spanks?  They do make me feel thinner and more beautiful in my clothes. But nahhhh… my jiggly parts are my goddess parts.  Now lipgloss… it makes me feel beautiful every time.  Dirty hair, yoga pants, UGGs, and no makeup, with one application of lipgloss and I’m shining!  Whatever your version of lipgloss is, don’t judge it or anyone else’s.   Golf clubs, brazilian hardwood floors, BMW’s, rubies, autographed footballs, Polo, limos, a trip around the world, deer heads on the wall, a rosebush, pedicures, hair implants, breast implants, eyeliner, weight loss surgery, Marc Jacobs, John Deere, Paula Dean, and on and on.  Whatever beautifies your world, make time for it and celebrate it.  Not out of vanity or extravagance but a signal of your devotion to your best self and appreciating your beautiful life inside and out.

Love, Light, and Lipgloss my friends!  HD