*** Major editing to do on this one.  Any volunteers?  Ha.  Just kidding.  This is 2 articles in one… WIP. ***

It is an easy F word to say but usually only uttered on Friday after 12pm, Saturday and Sunday; used occasionally in the evening hours as well.  My dare… something I’ve been daring myself to do too:  apply the word FUN to Monday- Friday, 8am to 5pm.  How many of us can say those hours are fun?  Or that fun is even on the list of expectations for the work week?  I don’t like that phrase, “work week”.  Clearly fun is not the goal of that phrase. 

I vote we ban phrases like “the daily grind” and ‘work week” all together.  Let’s replace them with “fun week” and “the daily fun factor!”  I have a sneaking suspicion we’d all be totally shocked at what a small change like that will get us.  I can relate on this topic…  here’s the introduction of my journey to “fun week”.  Reporting from the trenches, this is Heather Dossey, Freelance Makeup Artist and Intuitive Life Coach.  WAIT…  I can rephrase that.  Reporting from the land of opportunity where anything is possible and the universe goes crazy with excitement to support anyone purposely seeking work that is fun, this is Heather Dossey, Freelance Makeup Artist and Intuitive Life Coach. 

It’s not our fault, you know.   Look back over history, and you hear many stories about survival.  For generations the “American Dream” has been built on hard work and toil (so we’re taught.)  If we want to have it all we have to work hard for it.  We can certainly do it that way, but what if there’s a better way to go about it; an easier way that increases your joy?   Nowhere in my southern, public school-system upbringing was there any mention of finding employment that you enjoyed.  It was about the most opportunity, the best paycheck, the best benefits, and the longest ladder to climb.  Or maybe I just didn’t hear the part about it also being something you enjoy.  Maybe I just missed that part?  What about you?  Did you catch that part?

At 35, I had come to the point where my spirit was threatening to evacuate my life all together if I didn’t find a way to have MORE FUN from 8 to 5. I’ve spent the last 10 years searching for meaning, spiritual truth, self awareness, and self worth.  I got comfortable with my feelings, so much so I went back to school to get my license in counseling.  I obtained a certification in life coaching.  All while working full time for the same company for the past 13 years.  My company has been hugely supportive of me and I consider the entire company my family.  Sounds cheesy, but I whole heartedly feel that way.  It was an assigned mentor, Spencer Fraiser, who asked me the question one day, “Heather, do you have fun at your job?”  There’s no crying in baseball, and there’s no crying in Corporate America either…  except for behind closed doors with people you trust.  I trusted and connected with my mentor and the answer to his question did not come out in words.  It came out in tears. 

10 years worth of work (fun!) on self awareness, finding my heart, and who I really am…  and there was still one ingredient missing: FUN!!!!  I don’t know about you, but I’m a worst case-scenario kind of girl when it comes to preparting myself for change.  If I’m prepared for the worst case, then anything along the spectrum I can handle.  I try to spend as little time in worst case mode as possible, but a few months ago, worst case was being fired due to a sheer lack of giving a shit.  (Masked by my mediocre level effort as opposed to my normal over-achieving self and I was still getting compliments on the work I was doing.)  My work might not have been sub-par but I felt sub-par doing it.  My heart just wasn’t in it anymore. 

During my worst case scenario planning, I imagined myself having to get a job after being fired.  In that imaginary moment of desperation, I didn’t care what I was doing as long as it was fun.  I thought about waiting tables- not fun.  I thought about babysitting- not fun.  I thought about working for another company that would appreciate my masters degree in logistics- not fun.  Makeup.  I could sell makeup at the M.A.C. counter; one of my favorite places to be.  I did makeup for several friends on their wedding day.  I’m always trying to put lipgloss on my girlfriends.  Makeup is something I have loved my whole life… why not??  That brain storm has lead to a very fast and very fun display of the universe at work!  Thanks to my life coach, Tambra Harck, supporting me in my transition to “fun week” I have a photo shoot in 2 weeks with 5 models and headshots of myself to start a portfolio and website as a freelance makeup artist available for hire on the weekends.  Scratch that- available for hire, period.  Who knows where this will take me.  All I can say at this point is that I’m having the most fun dreaming about it and buying things like my beautiful new mink powder brush.  I’m so in love with it I want to sleep with it every night. 

I could tell early on there was really something to this new endeavor because things were happening quickly and easily.  I’ve been asking myself how this fits in with the intuitive life coaching I’ve known for years would be my soul’s great work?  My path has been one of claiming and nourishing my inner beauty and outer beauty.  There is some combination of my two passions that will serve others in the future.  At this point, that’s the best I can explain it.  The events of this past weekend are proof that I’m headed in the right direction. 

I spent some time researching websites of makeup artists in my area.  One in particular stood out to me, her name is Tiffanie Park.  I looked thru her portfolio pictures and accomplishments with excitement and thought how wonderful to be her!  A week later at a makeup event at my local M.A.C. counter, there she was, working on me.  I complimented her site and shared my story.  I’m supposed to contact her about helping on some jobs she has booked this summerTo work with someone that talented from the begining?  I certainly didn’t come up with that…  I just appreciated her work and saw her as a role model and followed the daily fun factor to a makeup event.  Tiffany being there, that is the Universe having fun right along with me.   

What’s going to happen in the future?  Big shoulder shrug; stay tuned.   Why would I write about all this now?  Because I CAN NOT WAIT to write update articles on how following the daily fun factor can turn out for all of us.  The best thing I can do as a life coach: document right now what this feels like because it is exactly what I’ll be walking others thru in the future.  Won’t it be so FUN when I post on facebook, “Loving my town of New Orleans and loving my job!  Brad Pitt is in my chair right now.  I would send a picture but we’re having too much fun primping and talking about having kids.  Plus I’m a professional makeup artist.  (but if we snap a quick self-portrait I’ll sneak it to ya.)”  Oh, and why New Orleans?  Because it’s fun.  I’ve been collecting Jazzfest posters for 12 years because they’re fun.  I finally made it to New Orleans for the first time 6 months ago and everything in me says that’s my town.   

For those of you who are dear friends that might be concerned for me, thank you and I love you for it.  I do still have employment but I’m planning to retire soon.  What I need are cheerleaders.   Get out those toe-touches I KNOW you still have in you and cheer me on, that’s what I need most right now.  Mom has the “fear for me” part all wrapped up.  Why, I still don’t understand because she is living proof of what following the daily fun factor is all about!  After 32 years of marriage, her husband left.  Her kids were grown, so she packed up and followed her heart to the beaches of Destin, Florida.  We got a call a few weeks later that she had invested her entire settlement in building lots; she was becoming a realtor and was going to build houses at the beach!  My brothers and I thought she had totally lost it and discussed increasing our 401K’s so we could support her during bankruptcy.  My mom has always loved houses; everything about them.  My grandmother was an interior decorator.  “Decorating is in our DNA”, I was told growing up.  It is their art and despite the era, my grandmother wasn’t afraid to follow her passion.  My mother has been hugely successful financially but more importantly, following her fun factor brought joy she never imagined.  9 months after moving to Florida, in a fixtures shop picking out lighting fixtures for her first house, she met Stephan.  9 years later, he still adores her and treats her like a goddess should be treated.  No matter how many houses she shows, how many contracts she writes, or how many house plans she goes thru…  even if it is with an eye roll, there’s no question she is having fun.  It’s my mom.  It’s ok for her to be concerned.  So in all fairness she gets the first picture of Brad Pitt in my chair.   

Love, Light, and Lipgloss my friends!


P.S.  I went to have a ring sized after the M.A.C. event I mentioned earlier- it was a Christmas present to me from Stephan.  At the jewelry store I was introduced to another freelance makeup artist that does makeup along with jewelry sales.  After spending much time talking about our love of makeup she gave me her card.  She booked a wedding event this coming weekend but is unable to do it now.  She offered it to me.  A bride and 4 bridesmaids need a makeup artist and she wanted to know if I was available.  I don’t have a business card yet.  I don’t have my portfolio yet.  I don’t have my website yet.  Looks like the universe follows the fun factor rule also, don’t you think?  Unfortunately I’m not available this weekend.  I’ve already made plans with the new man in my life.  A 6’6″ beautiful man from Belgium who lives in (get this)…New Orleans.  And he thinks I’m a goddess.  Now how’s that for following the fun?  The offer for my first fun day as a makeup artist for hire: that was a nod from above that not only can I do this, but it can be easy too.  It doesn’t have to be hard when “fun week” is the focus.